Do You Know Hermes Handbags And Hermes Birkin

Hermes is the world’s leading luxury brand, founded in 1837 by the Thierry Hermès in Paris, France, early started to manufacture high horse, so far, 170 years of history. Hermes 170 years, it has been beautifully handmade and aristocratic style based on classic clothing brand peak. It is a luxury, a conservative, noble, the brand from the whole to the details, and then it stores are filled with rich culture as profound and horse center.


In 1984, Jane Birkin encounter in the Air France flight on a male, then she bag the things scattered on the ground, so the men next to her, said:. “You should carry a pocket bag” Jane Birkin answered him said: “When Hermès brand produced with a pocket of the bag, I’ll buy.” The man replied, she said:. “I am Hermes, I’ll make you a pocket of the bag with” Hermes in China the market has been sought after celebrity stars, has become a tool for the Chinese people show off their wealth.

This man is Mr. Jean-Louis Dumas, Hermes brand’s CEO, based on this coincidence, Birkin bag was born. Jane Birkin raised a suggestion, you can design a package bigger than Kelly’s package, there is this rage, the Birkin bag. Hermes bags Hermes Kelly bag two sub package and Birkin, two bags have different styles so it is easy to distinguish it!

Through the picture, we understand hermes birkin replica handbag is how to build out.

Hermes Parts preparations

Hermes parts production work

Hermes handmade good shape

Hermes hand-sewn